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 PTT Partners & Recommendations

The Center for International Maritime Security (CIMSEC)

HMS Victory

The Naval Review

The Maritime Foundation

Royal Naval and Royal Marines Charity

Help for Heroes

National Audit Office – Defence reports within.

Defence Synergia


Academic Course Centres

Laughton History Unit – King’s College, London

Center for Maritime Studies – University of Exeter

Department of War Studies King’s College, London

Corbett Centre for Maritime Policy Studies

Centre for Sea Power Studies, Maritime Strategy and Naval Affairs - Project to deliver a leading UK naval institute.


Key Blogs

Save the Royal Navy - Campaign for a stronger Royal Navy - Blog by senior retired officer, United States Marines – Sharkey Ward’s private blog. – Blog by British Academic Dr Alexander Clarke

Navy Campaign -  Campaign for Royal Navy awareness.




Museums etc


Seafarers UK (formerly KGFS)



The Marine Society

The London Flotilla

HMS Whimbrel

Battle of the Atlantic Memorial

Project Vernon

Lloyds Register

Great War Primary Documents Archive

Nelson and Trafalgar
Other Sites
Humour and Rumour
Journals and Publications